The idea of Maskerdoodles was carved from a simple love of imagination and play.

The original concept and initial family of designs were created by Cary A. Zartman, were hand-painted and holiday-themed, and were used as photo props to encourage socializing during an annual party.

Original products in useOriginal products in use

True to its core mission, these original ideas and creations have sparked an endless array of great new designs and variety of uses that we look forward to introducing and sharing with our fans and customers in the days, months and years ahead! Learn more about Cary and his creative studio, Z Factory

The Mission Statement for Maskerdoodles is pretty simple:

“To create imaginative products that delight our customers and ignite their imaginations.”

And we will hope to deliver on that promise by continually introducing new ideas and designs that inspire adventure, fun and play. Why? Because we want to put the power of creativity and fun directly into the hands of children of ALL ages.

I know what went through your mind at first: Masker-what-les?
Stick with me. Actually, don’t STICK with me. Because I think sticks stink.

We’ve all seen the party pictures. Everyone paws through a pile of disparate (and desperate) props before cheesing it for the camera. But what do you always see along with the fun and festivity?


scattered sticks

“Hey, look at me! I’ve got a mustache! …and it’s got a stick growing out this one end.”

“No, no… look over here at me! I’ve got a funny pig nose… or a pipe… or a bow tie! …and it’s being propped up on one side by this sad, skinny tongue depressor thing.”

I want you to hold a party… not a stick. I want you to see the possibilities… NOT the stick. I want you to pick up a Maskerdoodle… and stamp out that stick!

Maskerdoodles can make any regular playtime or special event instantly more unique. Comparable products exist within this product category, but what makes Maskerdoodles rise above the competition is the inventive way of integrating its handle into the overall product design – rather than attaching a utilitarian “stick.”


Watch this video from our initial launch...

Company Details

Maskerdoodles® is a product of MD Holdings, Co. Maskerdoodles and the Maskerdoodles logo are both trademarks registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Maskerdoodles products are currently patent pending.