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Zero. Nada. Nothing. Bupkis. (You get the idea.)
Free shipping... on all orders $35 and up... all year long. I’d say you can’t beat that deal with a stick, but remember... we don’t DO sticks. ;-) Offer is automatically applied at checkout. Available for shipments within the continental US only. So what are you waiting for? ADD TO CARD already!

Return Policy

Did something happen? We’re here to help! We promise to make good on any orders that arrive to you damaged from things like crazy weather or clumsy delivery agents. It happens. Just email us at within 48 hours of receiving your order, and include a photo that details the nature of the damage so that we can make things right with a credit or replacement. (These details can also be found in the footer during check-out.)

Please note the following exceptions to this policy:
• Discounted items are final sale and are not subject to refunds.
• This policy applies only to items that have been damaged in transit. We cannot be responsible for products that are damaged during use.

Great question! “Ship for Zip” translates to FREE SHIPPING (via USPS Priority Mail) on all orders $35 and up, and to addresses within the continental United States. Smaller orders ship for a flat rate $5 (mask, t-shirt or tote). Special rates may apply for larger volume orders or faster delivery. Contact us for details.
We currently ship from the Midwest using the United States Postal Service for all consumer mask orders, and mail to anywhere within the United States. Arrival times may vary dependent upon your specific location, but you can usually anticipate receipt within a week and will receive updates along the way. Contact us directly if you’re in desperate need of a faster delivery, and we’ll see how we can help. Do we wish that we worked more like Amazon Prime? You bet we do! But we are calling on your good graces to understand that we are not. At least, not yet. And those speedier drone deliveries still have a LOT of kinks to be worked out.
Orders that combine our masks with t-shirts or totes will ship separately and may arrive at different times... but your shipping costs will remain the same (as in FREE) if your order is over $35 and you are located within the continental United States.
Boy, can I...

First, the design: once one of these Maskerdoodles makes its way into your possession, you’ll be holding a Cary A. Zartman original design. No elves, no apprentices, no talented-but-unethical laborers working feverishly in a far away country... these products sprang from the mind and illustrative skills of yours truly. And that’s how it will remain for as far into the future as I can now see. One man’s “controlling” is another man’s “likes to remain hands-on.”

Next, there’s the product: for the technical wonks out there, we are printing digitally onto a 3mm substrate called Sintra. And for the less technical out there, it is called 24 Karat Gold. JK... it’s basically a very durable plastic. Imagine a gallon milk carton once you’ve flattened it, but thicker, smoother, printable and able to stand up well to repeat drops and spills.

And then there’s where the product is being made: Right here in the good ol’ USA. The journey toward identifying the right partner for this new business was long and hard and grueling and there were a few tears and some swearing along the way... but we finally found our match. Right here in the heart of the midwest with a fantastic partner named Color Ink. And all is now good.

*Please note: Due to the guidelines set forth by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission for the protection of children ages 12 and under, all Maskerdoodles products are designed for the expressed use by persons 13 years and older. Feel free to ACT like you’re under 12... I just can’t sell you something if you are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you.