Hi, I’m Cary. And I hate sticks.

Well... not all sticks. Mostly, just the ones that you always see stuck to the corner of those props that people hold when they’re posing for a picture. You know the ones I’m talking about. They might be attached to a mustache... or a pipe... or a goofy pig nose. But they’re all I can ever see. All that ANYone can ever see. They aren’t smiling people having fun... they’re smiling people holding sticks. But why do we have to see those ugly sticks??

News flash: we don’t.
Many years ago, I set upon the challenge of making some far better, more highly-creative designs to help encourage some fun and mingling during my annual holiday party. The masks were each hand-painted, hand-cut, and all hand-held... but without a single ugly stick in sight. And how did I achieve that glorious feat, you ask? By the inventive way that I integrated the handle into the design of the mask itself. It seemed so simple... but nobody was doing it!

Problem, solution. Business, created.
So let me turn YOUR event or special occasion into something that is instantly more unique. Hold a party... not a stick. See the possibilities... NOT the sticks. Pick up a Maskerdoodle, and get rid of the sticks!

The Maskerdoodles Mission Statement is pretty simple:
To create imaginative products that delight our customers and ignite their imaginations.
It’s a tall order, for sure... but one that’s a lot of fun to deliver on. And that’s exactly what we aim to do: DELIVER FUN. Those original designs produced so long ago have sparked an endless list of exciting collections for a multitude of fun occasions!

Find out even more in this Q+A I did with How Life Unfolds.
Check out the tumblr or Instagram feeds to see some of our masks in action. And enjoy this video from the original product launch: 
Maskerdoodles and the Maskerdoodles logo are both trademarks registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. All Maskerdoodles products have been created for the enjoyment of those 13 years and older.  Learn more about my creative studio, Z Factory, here.
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